Tradition meets avant-garde in the heart of Seville

Casa Señorial Siglo XVIII is located in a historic building constructed around 1700 in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood. Classified as a manor house by the City Council, it houses tourist apartments with historic architecture, and is equipped with every convenience for a comfortable stay.

Our tourist apartments in Seville transport visitors to another era through the aesthetics and charm of the city's manor houses, without sparing functionality or comfort. Guests can enjoy:

  • Architectural elements restored to match the style when the building was constructed (vaulting, tiles) for a first-hand experience of the era.
  • Integrated automation systems for greater comfort.
  • Central location, mere steps from the Alameda de Hércules, which is the largest pedestrian area in the city and an entertainment hub.
  • Peaceful atmosphere. The San Lorenzo neighbourhood is close to a great array of dining and entertainment options, but without causing any disruptions to your precious relaxation.

A manor house with tourist apartments in Seville

We take care of every detail so you can have the best experience

You’ll feel
at home

24 hours a day

Quiet environment
to the airport *
* See taxi fares.

The personality of this historic building can be seen in every detail, even in common areas and hallways

Guests will breathe in the character of the house from the moment they step through the door

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